In Banksy-style graffiti appeared after the concert Massive Attack

Another reason not to doubt the theory that the founder of the group is behind the personality of an anonymous artist.

Photo by Alexander Baraboshko

Massive Attack played a concert at the UPark Kiev festival on June 26, and the very next day, Ukrainian users noticed graffiti in the style of the artist Banksy. The Ukrainian edition of Vector drew attention to this .

On one of the images, a man throws the Facebook logo, on the other – an eagle with refueling pistols instead of heads, and on the third – a rat is covered with an umbrella. They appeared on one of the electric stations, as well as on Zhilyanskaya Street.

Photo by Stanislav Lutskovich

Since 2016, there is a theory that Banksy is the frontman of Massive Attack, Robert Del Naja (Robert del Naja). It is confirmed by the fact that the emergence of new drawings around the world coincides with the tours and performances of the group. The musician himself was engaged in graffiti and admitted that he personally knows an anonymous artist.

In July 2017, this theory during an interview was accidentally confirmed by a British DJ. Discussing the work of the artist, he called him Robert, then paused and translated the topic.

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