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“Yandex” again began to issue in the search documents Google Docs

The company still says that only files that are not protected by privacy settings are indexed.

In the search output of “Yandex”, there were files of Google Docs users who are not protected by the privacy settings. When a similar leak occurred in early July, the company temporarily stopped issuing any results related to Google Docs.

As RBC drew attention, documents on the “Schedule” and “Salary” requests were returned to the search issue.  verification showed that Yandex does indeed issue Google Docs files with these words. Owners of such documents allowed viewing or editing to anyone who received the link.

Issuance of "Yandex" with the request "Salary" and clarification of the site.  Screenshot
Issuance of “Yandex” with the request “Salary” and clarification of the site.  Screenshot

In addition to schedules and salaries, the search engine issues documents and on old requests like “Passwords” and “Rollbacks”.

From the search engine, you can open files of users of the Google service, including personal information.

Example of a publicly available document on schedules issued on request.  Screenshot

A Yandex representative told  that “nothing new has happened,” and the search engine still indexes only documents that are publicly available. After the first leak, the company hid Google Docs files from the search.

On our side, nothing has changed. The documents referred to are in the Internet. The documents themselves are not forbidden for indexing.

Ilya Grabovsky
the press secretary of “Yandex”

The Google blog also says that the user’s files made public are included in the distribution.

The first leak Google Docs through “Yandex” occurred in early July: the search engine began to issue files with passwords and personal data. Almost a month later, the head of the State Duma Committee on Information Technologies called onRoskomnadzor to find the perpetrators of the incident.

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