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Windows 10 will introduce machine learning to prevent unpredictable system reboots due to updates

The update with the new feature is already being tested publicly.

In Windows 10, machine learning will appear , which will ensure that the computer does not reboot to install updates when it is needed for work. The system will “anticipate” the behavior of the user and know if he just left for a short while.

Microsoft said that she heard complaints about accidental reboots and decided to “ease the pain” of users by introducing machine learning.

We heard you and eased this pain. We have updated the logic of the Windows reboot, so if you have an update waiting for installation, the new system will work more adaptively and proactively.

Don Sarkar
Head of Windows Insider testing department

According to Sarkar, thanks to machine learning, the system will be able to anticipate the best time to reboot the device. He noted that Windows will check not only whether the user uses the computer, but also to predict whether he left for a long time or “over a cup of coffee.”

Upgrading Windows 10 with machine learning has already passed the internal testing in Microsoft. The company said that the results are “promising”. On July 26, Microsoft sent an update to the participants of the Insider testing program.

In 2015, the unpredictable restart of Windows 10 became a meme . Initially, automatic updates were installed in the system, installation of which occurred without the user’s consent. In March 2017, Microsoft added the function of delayed installation of Windows updates. However, the network continued to receive complaints due to unpredictable reboots of the system.

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