Today is the longest lunar eclipse in a hundred years. Astronomers promise a blood-red moon and a very bright Mars

The lunar eclipse will be clearly visible throughout Russia from 21.24 and to 1.20 Moscow time. The full phase will last 1 hour 43 minutes. And Mars today will approach the Earth at the minimum possible distance and will become brighter than Jupiter.

In Moscow, the full moon will rise above the southeastern horizon after 21:00, already partially covered by the shadow of the Earth. And in about an hour there will be Mars.

The maximum phase of the eclipse will come at 23.30, the moon will be 14 degrees above the horizon, and Mars will be visible six to seven degrees below the Moon at the southern horizon.

And expert comments:

The main topics that will have to be reviewed or paid attention will be related to personal relationships, family, freedom and creativity. And all because the Moon will be in tense aspects with Mars influencing our actions, and Uranus, responsible for freedom. Also in this period many people will be overcome by a strong desire to get rid of something. Control emotions will be extremely difficult. It is worthwhile to be prepared for the fact that many people will be “flown” back for past deeds, which they could forget. The universe returns everything.

Alexey Fandeev

July 27 at 23:21 will be a “bloody” lunar eclipse, when the moon will be next to Mars. I’m afraid, as if the military operations did not break out. After all, Mars is the god of war, and here is the longest eclipse near him. Under such conditions, everything can develop very dramatically.

Vlad Ross
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