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“Tinkoff Bank” fired several employees for exchanging memes and jokes in the working chat room

In the company, this behavior was called a violation of “ethical standards.”

Several employees of Tinkoff Bank lost their jobs due to the fact that they exchanged jokes and memes, as well as flooded in one of the working chats of Slack. Representatives of the company confirmed  the fact of dismissal for violation of “ethical standards”.

The first to dismiss employees told SMM-specialist Pornhub Dmitry Kolodin, who published screenshots of correspondence of employees of Tinkoff Bank. Judging by them, the chairman of the board of directors Oleg Tinkov, vice president of IT Vyacheslav Tsyganov and developer Evgeny Utkin took part in the conversation.

The management of the bank did not like that the employees sent thousands of messages with jokes and memes, which they considered “low-cultural communication instead of work”. As the developer noted, after “public flogging” he and several others were fired. According to an anonymous source, the work lost up to 20 people.

The “Tinkoff Bank” confirmed that several people were actually fired, but they did not give a specific reason. A representative of the company added that the employees “violated not only corporate but also ethical norms,” ​​despite warnings.

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