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The deputy demanded from the UK to investigate the deaths of three emperors and the tsar

But he was refused.

The Investigative Committee of Russia refused to initiate a criminal investigation into the death of Russian emperors Ivan VI, Paul I, Peter III, as well as Tsar Feodor Godunov.

Earlier, with a corresponding request to the Russian Federation CC, the State Duma deputy from the Communist Party faction Valery Rashkin addressed.

The grounds for the adoption of these procedural decisions stipulated by the criminal procedural legislation of the Russian Federation are currently not available

from the response of the RF CC

Also in the appeal it was noted that ” personal interest and the existing point of view on historical events are still not enough to initiate criminal proceedings .”

The statement of the deputy was commented by Vladimir Solovyov

To which Rashkin noted that it was “trolling”.

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