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Telegram introduced the unified Passport authorization method

You can attach your passport to the service, and all data will be protected with end-to-end encryption.

The Telegram messenger team introduced Passport, a service authorization mechanism that requires personal personal data (eg financial services and ICO procedures) to enter. According to them, this mechanism is protected by end-to-end encryption, and in the future all information from Passport is planned to be transferred to the decentralized cloud.

Soon we will add third-party verification to Telegram Passport. Thus, some services do not even need to query the data themselves. Instead, they can rely on the fact that the Telegram account is verified, and [the person using] is real.

excerpt from the publication on the Telegram website

With the help of Telegram Passport, users can safely transfer services not only to their e-mail addresses and phone numbers, but also physical addresses and passport scans. In order to access the data from the user’s side, it is required to enter its password from the Telegram messenger.

The first service using Passport was Representatives of the messenger also published a guide on how to connect their resource to the new method.

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