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“Medusa”: Moscow mayor’s office is going to build a road on the site of filming “House-2”

Will the show be closed because of this, it is not known.

The territory of "House-2", where the road must pass. Photo «Medusa»
The territory of “House-2”, where the road must pass. Photo «Medusa»

The Moscow government is going to build a highway from Salaryevo to the village of Maryino, which will pass through the territory of the film set of the TV show “Dom-2”. As found out “Medusa”, in place of the “frontal place”, where the participants of the show are discussing who to get rid of the program, there should be a stop of the high-speed tram “Antonovka”.

The Moscow City Planning Commission, chaired by Sergei Sobyanin, decided to build a road in early 2018. By decision, on the spot where the “Glade” is located, an easement is established . That is, the state can limit the use of land, next to which is construction. According to the draft , the house where the “House-2” participants live will rest on the bump of the new road, and the building where the camera crew works will have to be demolished.

The source of the Medusa in the Moscow mayor’s office explained that the road project was bypassing the private building, when there were no buildings on this site yet. The officials did not know that “Dom-2” was being filmed there.

PR-director of the channel “TNT” Rinat Shakhmeyarov refused to comment. The source of “Medusa” in the company producing the show, said that there is nothing to know about construction – although it is already heard on the site how the forest is cut nearby. If the construction is near the site, the shooting will not be possible, he noted. The interlocutor of the publication did not specify whether the show will be closed, or will post the shooting elsewhere.

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