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In Colombia, a service dog was guarded because of the hunt of drug cartels – she found too much cocaine

For the head of the animal was declared a reward of 200 million pesos – almost 4.5 million rubles.

Service dog Sombra. CEN photo
Service dog Sombra. CEN photo

A Colombian official dog named Sombra (“Shadow”) provided additional protection after threats from the most influential drug cartel of the country. The German Shepherd is considered the champion for the amount of cocaine found, so the local mafia announced a reward for her head.

Sombra worked for several years in the city of Turbo, a strategically important region for drug trafficking because of open access to the sea. Members of cartels transport drugs there, and then send them by airplanes, boats or submarines in the United States. For three years, the dog participated in 245 arrests, only in 2018, she found about 10 tons of cocaine: the last lot of trying to hide in car parts.

Successful work of Sombra led to the fact that the head of the largest Colombian drug cartel “Urabes” (Urabeños) announced a reward for the head of the animal – 200 million pesos (about 70 thousand dollars or 4.5 million rubles). Journalists of the BBC publication noted that usually local clans do not do that, and therefore the shepherd hit hard on their business.

To protect the dog from the cartel, the authorities allocated additional protection to Sombre and her curator. But the animal did not leave the service: it was transferred from the “hot spot” to the airport of the Colombian capital of Bogota, where “Urabenos” does not have such influence.

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