Architecture: The Apple Store with the entrance through the fountain

To get to the store, you need to pass between two “water walls”.

Photos Foster + Partners
Photos Foster + Partners

Specially for the new Apple store in the square in the center of Milan, the Foster + Partners studio built an amphitheater with a fountain. The staircase leading to the store passes between two glass walls, along which water jets roll down.

According to the head of the studio, this decision should remind shop visitors of the joy of a child who runs through the streams of a real fountain, but the glass will not allow them to get wet.

The store is located not far from Vittorio Emanuele street, one of the main shopping streets in Milan.

We combined two fundamental elements of the Italian square – water and stone – and added a glass portal that creates a multi-sensory experience, as visitors enter the store through a cascading fountain that seems to envelop them.

Joni Ive
Director of Design for Apple

The store itself is below ground level, the goods are exhibited on a single site, which is illuminated with the help of skylights and illuminated panels.

Foster + Partners is responsible for the design of all new Apple stores. Among the projects implemented by the studio – a store in Macao with a bamboo “forest” inside and around the perimeter of the building.

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