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“Air show” of the tent camp at the festival in Germany

Hurricane wind circled the participants’ camp for several minutes.

Visitors to the annual festival of electronic music Parookaville in Germany were witnesses to the “air show”, which was arranged by an unexpectedly appeared mini-tornado. It was formed right in the middle of the field, where a tent camp was set up.

The tornado occurred on the last day of the festival, when most of the spectators were already going to go home. He caught people by surprise, starting to lift things into the air and circling them in a whirlwind.

At first we laughed. But when the tents rose higher and higher, we already had some respect for this situation. Despite the flying objects, no one seriously suffered. Only some tents probably did not escape the damage.

Christian Heister
festival participant

Such tornadoes are relatively rare in Germany and, as a rule, do not cause serious damage. They occur when cold and warm air masses meet, and can reach more than a kilometer in diameter. Since wind gusts are formed in a matter of seconds, it is almost impossible to predict them.

The Parookaville Festival was held in the German commune of Weeze from July 20 to 22. It was visited by more than 80 thousand people. Among the speakers on twelve scenes were world stars such as David Getta, Steve Aoki, Robin Schultz and Felix Yen.

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