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User Reddit published a panel inspired by NASA. Now it’s hanging in NASA

Because the employees of the space agency also read the “home page of the Internet.”

Photos of Phil Mosby
Photos of Phil Mosby

In March 2017, American photographer Phil Mosby made a panel consisting of seven hexagons and a picture of the Milky Way over the Webber Lake in the state of California. According to Mosby, he was inspired by the space agency NASA, in particular – the creation of a telescope named after James Webb.

The arrangement of the hexagons resembles the main mirror of the telescope, designed to replace the famous “Hubble”. Initially, the launch of the device into orbit was planned in 2007, but due to numerous difficulties it was postponed to March 30, 2021.

In March 2018, Mosby published a panel on the section Reddit, dedicated to the cosmos. The photographer regularly uploaded pictures on the “home page of the Internet”, but it was this work that became the most popular: the record scored more than 60 thousand likes and hundreds of positive comments.

July 26 Mosby told Reddit that his work on the site saw Karl Starr, the operating manager of the telescope “James Webb.” Starr asked the photographer to make a copy of the panel for the Space Research Institute using a space telescope in Baltimore. A few months later, Mosby was invited to personally transfer the picture on hexagons to NASA.

The photographer was given an excursion, showed the control center for flights, told details about the telescope and acquainted with the staff. The panel of Mosby was hung near the entrance to the Operation Center, near the big NASA logo.

After the trip Phil Mosby thanked the users of Reddit: their husky brought the work to the main page of the forum, where it was drawn to the attention of the staff of the space agency.

Thank you again. I never dreamed that my work would be hanging in NASA. The Internet is really a strange and magical place

Phil Mosby
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