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Qualcomm refuses to buy NXP and will pay $ 2 billion fine for this

Today, the end of the approval by the Chinese authorities of the purchase of Qualcomm by NXP. For the first time the deal was announced back in 2016, the amount was supposed to be $ 44 billion.

To acquire NXP, it was required to obtain the permission of nine jurisdictions, including the European Union, South Korea and China. Obtained eight – only China pulls with the terms of consideration of the application, which will end within a couple of hours. As a result, Qualcomm was tired of waiting and stated that if the permission is not received now, it will refuse the deal. And it will cost her $ 2 billion.

NXP is based in Holland. The company operates in several areas: from processors and ending with systems for autonomous transport and the Internet of things.

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