On Mars found a huge amount of liquid water

A group of scientists reported a water body found on Mars at a shallow depth and a diameter of about 20 kilometers. Researchers do not exclude the existence of life there. The underground lake was discovered thanks to the radar of the European Space Agency MARSIS.

The lake of liquid water is located in the region called the Sea of ​​the South on the edge of the Plateau of Sisyphus. Scientists suggest that the liquid is not frozen due to the salts contained in it. The find will make it possible to understand the climatic changes that have occurred on Mars and, in addition, will help in the colonization of the Red Planet, some experts say.

Scientists point to the need to verify information and confirm or deny the find. In addition, it remains to be seen whether the lake is isolated, or part of a larger water body.

“On Earth, such a discovery does not surprise anyone, Mars is different,” – said the head of the research team Roberto Orosei.

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