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In the rays of the sun: all the known details of the murder of brother Kim Jong-in

How to investigate the death of Kim Jong Nam, who it is and the consequences of his murder.

The brother of the leader of the DPRK Kim Jong Nam
The brother of the leader of the DPRK Kim Jong Nam

On February 13, it became known about the murder of Kim Jong-un, the big brother of the leader of the DPRK, whose name is Kim Jong-Nam. In the first days after the incident, the police caught three suspects and put forward the first versions.


Kim Jong Nam arrived in Malaysia on February 6th. On the morning of February 13, he arrived at Kuala Lumpur Airport, from where he was preparing to fly to Chinese Macau.

In the relegation zone , two women approached Kim Jong Nam . Further versions vary: it was initially reported that strangers threw a handkerchief on him impregnated with an unknown liquid, but later there were reports of injections of poisoned needles and sprays of an unknown substance in the face.

One way or another, the killers were enough for about five seconds. Then they left the airport and tried to hide in a taxi.

The brother of the leader of the DPRK turned to the terminal staff with a complaint about headaches. Kim Jong-Nama had time to pick up the doctors, but he died on his way from the airport to the hospital.

What the police found out

As reported in the Royal Police of Malaysia, the man killed at the airport was called Kim Chol. From this it can be concluded that the brother of the leader of the DPRK traveled under a false name. Kim Chol is a North Korean general, according to media reports, killed for non-compliance with mourning for Kim Jong-il.

The police detained three suspects in the killing of Kim Jong Nam. At least two of them recorded video surveillance cameras.

At the first suspect, who was detained on February 13, found documents in the name of Doan Thi Houng (Doan Thi Houng) – an 18-year-old Vietnamese citizen.

With the second detainee , documents were found in the name of Aisha City (Siti Aishah). According to the passport, she was born on February 11, 1992 in the Indonesian Serang.

Later, the police detained a third suspect, who, according to investigators, was a friend of City Aisha. His name is Muhammad Farid bin Jalaluddin, he is 26 years old and a citizen of Malaysia.

According to the Guardian, the police have a few more suspects, but their personalities or nationalities were not disclosed.

The forensic experts completed the autopsy of the deceased, but the results of the study have not yet been announced. The authorities of Malaysia admitted that Kim Jong-Nama’s body could be handed over to the DPRK embassy and sent home.


It is widely believed that the killer girls Kim Jong Nam were secret agents of the DPRK. Political motives remain a priority version of the crime, while there is no evidence to support the involvement of the North Korean authorities.

Sources of the South Korean media suggested that Kim Jong-Nama was killed amidst the conflict over inheritance. Allegedly, after the execution of his uncle, Chang Sung Taek, the brother of the leader of the DPRK, in an unknown way, got access to money funds, the possession of which was kept secret. Kim Jong Nam was ordered to return with financial means to North Korea, which he refused.

Attempted by Kim Jong Nam, most likely, it did not become a surprise: he knew that his life was in danger. Back in 2010-2011, the media wrote about the preparation of the attempt and the failed attempt for “too long language” and criticism of the current authorities of the DPRK.

Who is Kim Jong Nam

Kim Jong-Nam was born on May 10, 1971 in the extramarital affairs of Kim Jong Il and his mistress, North Korean actress Song Hye Rim. He was sent to Switzerland to study.

Kim Jong-Nam. AFP photo
Kim Jong-Nam. AFP photo

Kim Jong-nam ceased to be considered an heir (although officially not proclaimed) as the leader of the DPRK after an attempt to get to Japan on a fake Dominican passport.

Then the elder brother of North Korea leader left North Korea and resided in Shanghai, Macau and Singapore. Presumably in these countries he was engaged in business.

As sources told Reuters, familiar with Kim Jong Nam, shortly before his death he lived in the game zone of Macau. If you believe this information, on the day of his murder he returned home.

Constant players of local casinos have never seen bodyguards next to a North Korean. He generally behaved calmly and tried to avoid all sorts of conflicts. Kim Jong Nam often dressed everyday – in jeans and sandals, and on his shoulder wore Louis Vuitton bag.

According to Reuters, in China, Kim Jong-Nam lived under the auspices of local authorities. According to one of the sources, together with the North Korean there was a wife and two children.

What murder can lead to?

According to Andrei Lankov from the Carnegie Moscow Center, a family quarrel weakened the positions of those who still considered the DPRK’s political regime to be rational. According to him, the conflict could lead to a new wave of conflict between North and South Korea.

For most observers, the death of Kim Jong Nama was another demonstration of the demonically irrational essence that Pyongyang allegedly possesses, and, therefore, an excuse for possible tough security measures that should be taken against it.

The killing of Kim Jong Nama – the result of former harem passions and personal ambitions – increased the likelihood of war on the Korean peninsula.

Alexei Lankov, “The Carnegie Moscow Center”
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