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In China there was an explosion near the building of the US Embassy – only the suspect was injured

The state of the person who activated the explosive device has not yet been reported.


There was an explosion near the US Embassy in Beijing, AP and CNBC reported . A representative of the agency confirmed to CNN that the unknown person activated the explosive device near the building and himself was injured. About the other wounded is still unknown.

According to eyewitnesses, they heard a small explosion and saw smoke at about 13 o’clock local time. The police cordoned off the area around the embassy. According to the local newspaper Global Times, the detonation was made by a woman who poured herself gasoline and tried to commit self-immolation.

The police did not come forward with an official commentary, nor were other reported victims or dead, except for the suspect. The media noted that in the park area near the embassy there are usually a lot of local residents and clients who issue visas and other documents.

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