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Fly! Facebook fell by 130 billion in two hours

At the opening of trading in the stock exchange in New York, the value of shares in the social network Facebook collapsed from $ 215 to $ 165, the company’s capitalization fell by $ 130 billion in two hours, and Mark Zuckerberg’s fortune by $ 16.8 billion. Quarterly financial report of the company which spoke of a slowdown in revenue growth.

At the same time, the company’s net profit rose to 5.12 billion compared with 3.89 billion a year earlier. But investors were not satisfied with the growth rates of the user base, which decreased to 1.54% compared to the first quarter (3.14%). In Europe, the number of active users fell by a million, and in North America it did not grow in any way. Financial director of Facebook noted that the pace will continue to slow down, as almost all the active population of the Earth is already using Facebook.

After a sharp drop at the start of the action began to grow slightly and so far stabilized at around $ 173.

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