Developers VLC declared war on Huawei

Between the developers of the popular player VLC and Huawei began a confrontation associated with the work of the program on smartphones of the Chinese company. The reason was the desire of the manufacturer of mobile devices to ensure the maximum possible battery life of the devices.

Therefore, the player, if not previously specified in the system settings of some models of Huawei smartphones, is unable to work in the background. As a result, users complain about the inability of VLC to play music when the screen is inactive and put a low score in the application directory of Google.

In VLC, it was felt that the best way to solve the problem is to block the installation of the player to “problematic” devices: the black list includes Huawei P8, P10 and P20 (if you want, you can download the APK from the developers site). In Huawei, users are offered to simply change the power settings for the application

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