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Twitter will block accounts if you change the name to “Elon Musk”. To protect Elon Musk

Thus sotsset fights with scammers who, under the name of the head of Tesla and Space X, are asked to send them a crypto currency.

Reuters photo
Reuters photo

Twitter will automatically block unauthorized and not tied to the phone number accounts, if their owners change their name to Elon Musk. Representatives of the social network told The Verge that such measures were taken because of the numerous spammers and scammers trying to make money on the name of the entrepreneur.

Since February 2018 under the tweets of the head of Tesla and SpaceX regularly appeared fake profile-copies, which extorted money from users. Often bots offered to send them a little crypto-etherium, promising to return several times more. In July, Musk said that he would like to know the authors of the network of scam bots, praising them for their ingenuity.

According to representatives of Twitter, the new system to combat fraudsters is still at the testing stage. The Verge journalist was convinced that the social network really immediately blocks the account when changing the name to Elon Musk. But the opportunity to keep the name of Elon Musk without measures on the part of the service remains: to do this, you need to enter captcha and confirm the phone number. After that, the account is unlocked.

The company refused to specify whose names were included in the system of combating crypto scammers along with the Musk. In March 2018, the founder of Telegram Pavel Durov faced similar problems : during the messenger crashes, fraudsters with profiles of Pavel Durov asked to send them an etherium in the replays and earned about 60 thousand dollars in the crypto currency.

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