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The Russian company advertises the medicine for colds so that it’s hard to guess at once what it’s about

“Fantasies” about women’s lips and a rap clip are called upon to cure for a cough.

In social networks there was an advertisement of the Russian spray for the cold under the brand “Anghidak”. However, in commercials it is not immediately possible to recognize the progress of a drug.

For example, one of the ads is devoted to “fantasies with the female lips”, and in the description to it it is asked: “How to make so that the discomfort in the throat does not interfere with the fulfillment of the most frank desires?”.
On Twitter, the authors of the movie “Anghidaka” were reproached for exploiting female sexuality – and even more so, where such a context does not seem to have been required.

Another promotional video “Anghidaka” is called “For those who have caught a cold on the street” and made in the style of the rap clip. The director was a music video producer, who also worked with Timati Black Star. “A couple of shots in the throat and there is no contagion, no need to overpay,” reads the rapper in the advertisement.

“Angidak” is a new drug of the Russian pharmaceutical company Solopharm, which is introduced to the local market. On the forums and profile sites there are practically no reviews about the action of the medicine.

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