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“The reaper is checking inventory”: the Reddit user showed the death at the Golden Gate Bridge

In the comments they appreciated the work, and the author told how he did it.

User Reddit Justin Leduc (Justin Leduc) under the pseudonym Jushooter published a gyphus, which shows the Golden Gate Bridge from the helicopter and death, standing next to him. The stage was completely created using computer graphics, and commentators were surprised by the realism of the image. First, the post Jushooter was not popular, but when Gifk was published by another user, the publication went to Reddit and Instagram.

Photo from instanram JustinLeduc
Photo from instanram JustinLeduc

In the comments under the original record, Leduke spoke about how he created the scene and what tools he used for this. The scene of the shooting of the Golden Gate Bridge he recreated entirely with the help of graphics: for this he used models of the bridge , cars and helicopter .

He used the finished animation of drops on the glass, the movement of cars, and to create a model for the movement of the monster’s cloak, he bought paid video lessons. According to Lediuk, at first the clip had more clouds in the foreground, but when he downloaded the first version of the hypha into the instagram, the service spoiled the contrast and the “monster” became invisible.

The artist did not tell how much time he took the creation of the scene, but noted that he worked on it for 3 hours a day. He rendered the video for 18 hours on the Nvidia GTX1080 graphics card.

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According to Ledyuk, for him it is a hobby. He has long been involved in computer graphics, but only for personal satisfaction. After the release of video in less than a day Instagram Ledyuka in which he places the work has increased from 13 thousand to 134 thousand subscribers.

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