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The guitarist spit beer in a fan and saved her from a malignant tumor

The woman turned to the doctors with a pain in her eyes, and she found an oncology. Thanks to early detection, it was cured.

Guitarist of the American metalcore band Every Time I Die Jordan Buckley (Jordan Buckley) told how he accidentally spat into the fan of the collective beer and thus saved her from a malignant brain tumor.

“A girl approached me and said:” I recently went to your concert, and you spit beer in the air, and I got a little in the eye. ” I apologized. He said that our show can be a little crazy, and you never know what can happen. I was probably just trying to portray someone who is steeper than me. ”

“She said that this was causing her discomfort even the next day. She thought she had an infection in her eye, so she went to the doctor. I apologized 10 more times. Already prepared himself for the suit ”

“So, she went to the doctor. She was checked there. The doctor said that she did not have an infection in her eye, but a tumor in her brain, but she was discovered early enough to be removed through surgery ”

“She said that a tumor would never have been found if she had not gone to the reception. She thanked me for saving her life ”

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