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The famous cyber-sportsman refused from the famous Mexican TV presenter, to give more time to Call of Duty

Cybersport news that we deserve: 23-year-old Douglas Censor Martin set the priorities in life and severed relations with the “sexiest leading weather forecast” Janet Garcia to devote more time to Call of Duty, writes the New York Post . “I do not have time for a girl,” he said in a video message on YouTube .

When the new part of the game (Black Ops IV) comes out, he will have to spend all his time in it to get the form for the nearest tournaments. In them he stands for the FaZe Clan team. In addition, he has 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube and is fond of rocking.

BIG CHEST DAY – burning out w/ 90lb presses. Always remember that there’s somebody else out there who’s workin’ harder than you, so always find a reason to stay hungry. P.S. I thought about failing at 18 reps then realized the pretty lady was watching 😜 @gymshark #gymshark

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His ex-girlfriend gained popularity in 2014 during the World Cup. Actually, she came from Mexico and actively supported her players during the tournament. And this year her love for the Mexican national team did not go unnoticed: the girl allowed two commentators luckily to hit herself in the pope in support of the Mexican national team before the match. The foot.


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