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Reddit found an old video with a steelmaker from Armenia. And they called him “immortal Russian”

In the video man with his hand knocked off a jet of hot metal, not burned.

The user Reddit under the nickname The_noble_milkman published a hyphka with a steelmaker, hand knocks down streams of hot metal. In the title he wrote: “Has anyone ever seen how the Russians die?”

It turned out that this video was in 2016, which for the first time became popular in Runet in early 2018. He was loaded by metallurgist Arkady Mgdsyan from the Armenian city of Alaverdi. In the commentary he stressed that “their smelters are so harsh that the smelters from Chelyabinsk are resting.”
In the comments the user under the nickname Ndiddy14 gave an explanation why the metallurgist did not get burns. In his opinion, this is due to the effect of Leidenfrost. The liquid, in contact with the body, is much hotter than the boiling point of the liquid, it creates steam that protects it from boiling away. He was able to protect the skin from burns for a split second.

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