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Orthodoxy or cache: what is known “”, accused by the FSB of “illegal activities”

Despite the long-standing claims, the retailer first engaged in special services.

Point of issue "". Photo by @ aleksis2012
Point of issue “”. Photo by @ aleksis2012

On July 24, one of the oldest and largest online electronic stores in the Internet,, partially resumed its work – less than a day after the searches of the FSB in its main Moscow office. The special service announced the “suppression of illegal activities” of the company in connection with tax violations, but has not yet explained why the claims arose just now. However, customers and market participants have long accumulated questions to the retailer.

“” ceased to be one of the most popular online stores in Russia

“” earned in 2002. Its founder Alexei Konyshev, like his top managers, eschews the press and does not give interviews. The company is not limited to electronics, but sells also goods for cars, kitchens and animals. The review on the site of SetPhone says that the online store “has taken on an impossible task – to trade in general for everyone.” The author, who called himself a seller with seven years of experience, called to consider “” analogue of the “Victory” loukoster in the trade.

In 2013, Forbes included “” in the top thirty largest companies in Russia, and “Kommersant” mentioned it among the hundreds of the largest domestic vendors. Apparently, the retailer stopped growing: in 2016 it was ranked 88th among 100 largest online stores in Russia by Data Insight, but a year later dropped out of the rating. At the same time, complaints about the work of the company became more frequent on forums and in social networks.

“” is reproached for legal persons, non-residents, on behalf of whom it trades. In the registration data on the website “” Aleko T LLC, established in April 2017, is indicated. In the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, the sole owner of Aleko T is Tatyana Konysheva, after several changes of the general director, Olga Krapacheva took the post. According to the Kontur.Focus service, Konyshev himself is involved in the creation of 10 companies, most of which do not already exist: among them Aleko-A Alekon and Rassvet-they all allegedly sold photo equipment and optics.

Federal Tax Service and FSB accused “” of concealing proceeds for the sake of non-payment of taxes

From the evening of July 24 until the first half of July 25 the work of the online store “” was frozen . During the searches in the same period, electronics, other goods and documents were seized from the office. As a result, the Federal Security Service and the Federal Tax Service announced that the retailer did not switch to using online cash registers with the terms specified by law (July 1, 2017), did not fix the proceeds and thus did not pay taxes.

It is not exactly known why has not installed an online cashier , which it is necessary to have organizations and entrepreneurs in the sphere of trade and public catering. On the one hand, companies often complained about difficulties in observing cash reforms and reducingbenefits under the new conditions. On the other hand, customers and industry participants suspected “” of selling “gray” goods at prices that were underestimated compared to competitors – and online cash registers would allow to track whether the documents correspond to real turnover.

Although in 2000-ies in the office “Player” repeatedly arranged investigative measures, they were always led by the police. To the last searches of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, on the contrary, had no relation, and for the first time the FSB investigated the retailer’s verification, “Kommersant” found out . Why the special services showed interest in the company right now, it was not specified. The investigation around the online store continues.

Office “” on the day of searches. Photo from Telegram-channel ” Merciless PR “

“” has not officially commented on the situation around the searches, limited to advertisements on the site. The company manager explained to Interfax that the Moscow office “for now” will be closed to visitors because of “equipment repair”. According to the company, customers will still be able to make orders through the site, but on the morning of July 24, the journalist Business FM did not succeed .

In the industry, the retailer was suspected of violating “service standards” and fraud

Participants in the trade market have repeatedly criticized “” for the methods of doing business. Against the backdrop of searches the media referred to the publication of the founder of the Internet store DNS Dmitry Alekseev on July 6, where he accused “” in the creation of “black” legal entities that “live one year, after which they are buried.” He suggested that such a form of work, understated price and “left” checks indicate possible “schemes for uncovering money and smuggling goods”. It is not known whether the words of Alekseyev were taken into account by the special services: he did not respond to request.

“” cooperated with the Association of Internet Trade Companies and in 2016 participated in the sale of “Cyber ​​Monday”, where ACIT acted as a co-organizer. In 2017, the administrator of the community “Cyber ​​Monday in Russian” noticed that “Player” instead of discounts raised prices several times. In the same year, the company was disconnected from the “Black Friday”.

The retailer even negotiated membership in the association, but never filed an official statement. This is partly due to the conclusion of ACIT in 2014: “” was recognized as “not meeting the standards of customer service.”

On the site “” there was no information about the return rules and the specific terms of delivery of the goods, some of the information was unreliable. At least once the sellers refused to accept the returned goods, only after the repeated appeal.

retelling the conclusion about “” from the Association of Internet Trade Companies of 2014

Clients and employees of “” for years complained about the company

At forums and in social networks positive responses from clients “” are published, but there are also many negative. The essence of most user complaints comes down to several points:

  • The discrepancy between the prices for “” products in “Yandex.Market” and on the site of the online store;
  • Limitations when paying by cards: you can not use Visa or MasterCard, but you can pay by card “Mir” or in cash;
  • Slow work of offices;
  • Delivery problems , including the discrepancy between the purchase of goods actually received;
  • Blank guarantee vouchers included with the delivered goods;
  • Fake serial numbers on devices;
  • Refusals of sellers, if desired, to return the goods.

Many customers of “” complained about the slow work of offices, despite the choice of a paid function of “express queue.” The Instagram user from Moscow published a video about how he spent 2.5 hours to buy the goods, only at the checkout found out that the only possible card for payment is “Mir”, and collided with a broken cash machine to withdraw cash.

Back in 2011, analyst Eldar Murtazin wrote about the “fraudulent” scheme “”. It follows from this that the retailer came up with a division of goods across the producer country.

For example, for HTC Incredible S, there is a Chinese assembly, as well as Taiwanese. The difference in price is 3000 rubles, the Taiwanese cost more. The explanation sounds like this – the Chinese assembly is worse, a lot of marriage, so we do not advise you to buy it. There may be problems. Buy this one here. If you suddenly decide to buy a phone, and want to come, then you will put it in reserve. When you arrive at the store, you will not be able to buy this device, as “they are over”.

Eldar Murtazin, 2011
blog post

To which the users of the forums complained, who called themselves employees of “”:

  • High staff turnover;
  • Low salaries;
  • The set objectives are to “mislead customers”;

At one of the forums where anonymous employee feedback about employers is published, it is said about “lack of career growth”, the inability to receive a salary of even 6 thousand rubles and the existence of some efficiency – five accessories sold per hour.

Your task – to mislead the client, to dissuade from a good purchase and sell the goods, which the company marked as profitable. Attaching additional services and accessories to it, which cost 10 times more.

You can earn up to 200 thousand in the New Year. For this money you have to deceive so many people – it’s like a deal with demons. The company struggles with returns of the goods, violating the rights of the consumer.

message about “” on the site “Pravda staff”

At another forum, the alleged employees of “” wrote that they did not meet with “deceptions and other horrors” and called the authorities “adequate.” However, they also reproached the company for delays at work, a small salary and a refusal to go on leave.

Customers and employees paid attention to the “religiosity” of the retailer

Users of the forums, who called themselves former employees of “Player”, characterized Alexei Konyshev as a deeply religious person. Judging by customer feedback , the views of the entrepreneur are reflected in the business.

“The owner constantly wipes about religion”;

“A man of faith, even turned on all this”;

“The owners are clearly religious people. They only take the tax, in my opinion, for entirely different reasons, and not because of the commission to the bank. “

anonymous reviews allegedly from former employees and customers of the online store

On the main page and in the “basement” of the site “” there is an offer to donate money to children through the site , which is dedicated to the St. Alexis Desert – the Orthodox monastery in the Yaroslavl region.

In the design of “” there is a church Slavic font, and, according to clients, in the offices there are containers for collecting donations for the same monastery.

@ ramil_khadiulin
@ ramil_khadiulin
In 2014, the story became known when “” intentionally did not use the prefix “demon” in the word “free” because of “devilry and unclean spirit”. Because of this, the word “free” appeared in the mailing list. In the quality control department of the retailer they refused to recognize this as a mistake and said that they did so for ideological reasons.
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