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Monetochka and “vulgar Molly” against the Russian Army: musicians declared boycott “Invasion”

Immediately five well-known collectives refused to perform at the largest Russian rock festival because of its cooperation with the Defense Ministry.

Guests of the "Invasion" festival in the park of the Russian Army. Photo from Sibdepo website5
Guests of the “Invasion” festival in the park of the Russian Army. Photo from Sibdepo website

On July 23 representatives of three Russian punk bands – Porn Film , Elysium and Eorsha – announced the cancellation of their performances at the Nashestviye Festival in 2018. July 24, a similar decision was made by the representatives of the “vulgar Molly” group .

The radio “Says Moscow” also reported that the LOUNA group refused to participate in the “Invasion” – it was allegedly told by the team manager Alexei Bigildin (who later denied this information). At the request of Bigildin did not answer.

Updated on July 25 at 9:50 : Alexey Bighildin in a conversation with confirmed that none of the rock groups working with him – LOUNA and SLOT – refused to participate in the “Invasion” festival in 2018.

Last Updated on July 25 at 12:10 PM : Elizaveta Gyrdymova’s “coin” announced the cancellation of her concert on “Invasion”. In the record in “VKontakte” she did not name the specific reason for refusing to participate in the festival, but she attached the song of the group “DDT” – “Do not shoot.”

The cancellation of the performances was explained to all musical groups by the co-operation of the organizers of the “Invasion” with the Ministry of Defense.

Where music is, there is no place for weapons.

representatives of the “vulgar Molly” group

The agency for the first time cooperated with the organizers of the festival in 2013, and since 2014 is the official partner of the “Invasion”. The Russian Army uses the festival for its advancement, exhibits military equipment and conducts recruiting under the slogan “Army with the people!” (Although in 2015 one of the slogans of “Invasion” was the phrase “Rock is peace, not war”).

According to the musicians, in 2018 the organizers of the “Invasion” promised not to cooperate with the Defense Ministry, and in early June confirmed their intentions. However, at the end of July, they sent messages to the festival participants that there would still be zones “with military equipment and points of selection” at the festival.

Conflict of the organizers of the “Invasion” and individual teams due to the Ministry of Defense began in 2015. The first headliner of the festival, who refused to attend because of the presence of the military, was the “Time Machine” group.

I have nothing against patriotic education, but I believe that military-patriotic education and rock-and-roll are incompatible things.

Andrei Makarevich
the soloist of the group “Time Machine” (quote from the CP )

In 2015, their last concert on “Invasion” was played by the group “Cockroaches!”. Then her soloist Dmitry “Sid” Spirin made a short pacifist speech, a few minutes after which the musicians performed a cover on the Soviet anti-war song “The Sunshine Circle”.

If those who brought tanks to the field wanted peace, they would hang bloody bandages, guts, brains, tears of mothers beside them, they would dig up the mass graves. So that we can more accurately understand what makes a weapon.

Dmitry Spirin
soloist of the band “Cockroaches!”

As Novaya Gazeta noted , amid the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine, many Russian musicians began to speak out with condemnation of militarism or anti-war songs. In addition to the group DDT, known for its pacifist views, the publication referred to their grouping “Leningrad” and the group The Matrixx – the project of ex-soloist “Agatha Christie” Gleb Samoilov.

asked the commentators for the representatives of several musical collectives, declared as participants of the “Invasion-2018”, but did not receive an operative commentary.

The festival “Invasion” was held every year since 1999, with the exception of 2003 (canceled due to the terrorist act at the festival “Wings”) and 2007 (canceled due to organizational problems). In 2014, after the cancellation of the festival “Rock over the Volga”, it became the largest musical event of the post-Soviet space. In 2017, it was visited by about 200 thousand people.

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