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Manufacturers of tires and shower mixers ordered tests for the ISS

Goodyear and Delta Faucet Co. talked about an agreement with the CASIS Space Research Center on a series of experiments at the International Space Station this year.

Delta Faucet Co. produces shower cabins, faucets and other similar equipment for bath and kitchen. In conditions of zero gravity, specialists want to study the behavior of water to create a more effective nozzle on the shower hose. As a result, a watering can be obtained which consumes less water and does not lose its properties when spraying the liquid.

In turn, the tire manufacturer Goodyear is going to freeze silica in the space – it’s also silicon oxide. This substance is used in the manufacture of tires. Silica in the frozen state is returned to Earth to study its properties. Theoretically, the experiment will help create tires that will reduce fuel consumption of the car.

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