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How to speed up YouTube 5 times without using Chrome

About a year ago, Google introduced an updated design for the largest video sharing YouTube. But here’s a strange thing: after its release, the service runs much slower on browsers like Edge, Firefox and Safari, but it just flies with Google Chrome.

It’s all about using an alternative API, but there’s a way to speed up YouTube without changing your browser.

We’ll do this by adding only one extension for the Safari browser.

Step 1. Download and add the Tampermonkey extension for the Safari browser. 
Step 2. Safari asks if you really agree to trust this extension. Kindly agree with the installation. 
Step 3. Install the script , which switches the YouTube interface to the classic one.

Now you can use YouTube, the speed of which has increased several times.

Note that installing third-party extensions in the macOS Mojave operating system is not possible. Therefore, this manual is not suitable for those who decided to try out a new OS. [The Verge ]

UPDATE: Our Silmarin reader offers a way that you can still install Safari extensions.

Step 1. Download tampermonkey.safariextz . 
Step 2. Unpack through the Terminal:

xar -xf 'tampermonkey.safariextz'

Step 3. Unlock the Developer Menu in Safari. 
Step 4. Open the Extension Builder in Safari through the Developer -> Show Extension Builder menu. 
Step 5. Press + and select the folder tampermonkey.safariextension , into which everything was unpacked in the second step. 
Step 6. Press the Run button.

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