He came to kill Xiaomi. Overview of the smartphone Honor 7C

Recently in Belarus, a relatively new brand for our country – Honor – declared itself . The “daughter” of Huawei has ambitious plans, and its main rival is not anyone but Xiaomi, who has already firmly established in the minds of Belarusians as an example of how to make high-quality and inexpensive devices. Can Xiaomi in general have a competitor in the budget segment?

To fight the opponent Honor put forward the model 7C. The smartphone is designed to fight a new potential hit from Xiaomi – Redmi 6. The characteristics of the models are very similar, but the price is the same. Most recently, we reviewed Redmi 6 . It’s time to compare it to Honor 7C . Did you get a “killer”?


  • Design
  • Display and sound
  • Camera
  • Interface
  • Performance
  • Autonomy
  • Competitors


Paint Honor 7C in gray (or Redmi 6 – in blue), and you might think that we have representatives of a smartphone line from one manufacturer. Almost identical front panels, a plastic case with rounded sides, a double camera, the location of a fingerprint sensor and buttons – all this is very, very similar.

At second glance, the differences, of course, come up. Honor is larger due to the larger display and slightly thinner. The design is also different – 7C is made in the form of a “sandwich” with a glossy layer under the metal, whereas the Redmi 6 has a solid cover with the transition to the ends.

The location of the speaker in the case of the Honor 7C is classic, there are no experiments with its placement on the rear panel. At first you might think that the manufacturer placed the stereo speaker from below, but no, in reality only one “batch” of holes is allocated to the monophonic speaker, while the second hides the microphone.

For charging, unfortunately, in 2018, microUSB is still used. Headphone jack remained, tray one, but just triple – for two “simok” and a memory card. Curiously, the Redmi 6 has the same layout for the number of slots, but they are implemented in two trays.

Despite the different dimensions, the sensations from using two smartphones are very similar due to the fashionable elongated design, and the plastic to the touch is equally neutral.

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