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Facebook banned free to feed its employees

Free food for employees is a classic bonus of technology companies for employment. Was such in Facebook. Until recently. Far from everyone likes, that a huge number of its employees do not even leave the office, being on full security. In particular, small restaurants in the town of Mountain View have rebelled against this, where a new Facebook office will soon appear.

Back in 2014, the social network agreed with local authorities that in the new complex employees will not be provided with free meals. Since this will completely kill the private business around. Simply, there will be no one to go to lunch at local cafes and restaurants, they will not benefit from renting premises in the complex, they will be idle, and local authorities will be underperformed.

That is why in a complex all tenants are simply forbidden to subsidize the food of employees by more than 50%. But you can pay 100% of the food if the same Facebook employees will eat at public restaurants in the district.

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