Astrobiologists specified the living conditions on the satellite of Jupiter

Chemist and astrobiologist Tom Nordheim from the NASA lab together with colleagues conducted a new study and suggested that in Europe – the satellite of Jupiter – life can exist, and the conditions are more comfortable than previously thought.

Before that, scientists thought that because of the radiation of Jupiter organic life on Europe, if there is, it is quite deep beneath the surface – at least a few feet. Now experts have simulated radiation radiation, which turns out to be a satellite. It turned out that amino acids, which are called building blocks of organisms, are destroyed unevenly – a lot depends on a particular part of Europe.

This allowed astrobiologists to conclude that life can exist at about a depth of 1-3 centimeters below the surface. However, at the equator, where the effect of radiation is particularly strong, life if there is, then deeper by tens of centimeters.

Experts plan to use this information in the development of the NASA mission to Europe, which is expected in the early 2020s – it may be possible to take samples in the most promising (in terms of life availability) sections of the satellite.

Europe is called one of the suitable places for extraterrestrial life: under the surface is the ocean with water in a liquid state.

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