Apple has released an update to macOS to fix the overheat of new MacBooks

The company recognized the problem and apologized to the users.

Apple has released an update to macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 to solve the problem of overheating the new MacBook Pro. The company explained that the system understated the frequency of the processor due to a bug that had not been noticed in advance.

According to Apple, a digital key was missed in the firmware of macOS, which influenced the management of the cooling system and controlled the clock frequencies. The company did not provide details on what constitutes a “digital key”.

We apologize to every user who has experienced less than optimal performance on his new system.

from the Apple statement

Apple explained that it did not detect a bug during its own testing, as it manifested only under specific loads. According to the company, the problem concerned all new MacBook Pro in 2018 in versions of 13 and 15 inches.

On July 20, 2018, users discovered that the new MacBook Pro was heating up so much that the system was slowing down CPU performance, including “trotting”. The processor clock speed fell even below the base level, not to mention some kind of “overclocking”. On the Internet there were several versions of the causes of this phenomenon, including engineering miscalculations of Apple and deliberate emphasis on the “silence” of coolers.

July 24 edition of ExtremeTech published an Intel statement from 2015, where the company explained that manufacturers can set the behavior of Intel processors in their devices. After that, one of the users of Reddit suggested that the problem can be systemic.

The problem of throttling appeared against the background of the scandal with the new keyboards in the MacBook Pro. Apple said it changed the keyboards to make the keys “quieter,” but internal documents showed that the company wanted to solve the problem with the reliability of the design.

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