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A Chinese farmer found bones of an unknown species of dinosaur. It reached 15 meters in length

Chinese paleontologists announced the discovery of a new species of dinosaurs. The creature was called Lingwulong shenqi, which translates roughly as “a stunning dragon from Lingua.” The scientist pointed to the scientist’s usual dinosaur remains.

He still in 2004 found on his land a few remains. Just in case, he sent them to local authorities, and they handed over to paleontologists. Specialists were surprised by the find: it was clearly a dinosaur, but of an unknown kind. It is established that he lived about 174-163 million years ago (the middle of the Jurassic period). The length of Lingwulong shenqi reached 15 meters, if counted with a tail. Creatures were herbivores.

A new species of dinosaur belongs to the superfamily of the diplodocus, which in turn is classified as sauropod, one of the largest creatures on earth. Thanks to the discovery, scientists will reconsider the evolution and classification of this family.

Two weeks ago it became known about another important finding of paleontologists, this time Argentine: they discovered a new species called Ingentia prima.

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