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Users of “Dvacha” uncovered two zhivodvorok from Khabarovsk, who took dogs and cats from shelters

Users of the image-board “Dvach” found two users of “VKontakte”, who published on their pages, perhaps under fictitious names, photos of crippled and dismembered animals. Judging by their records and correspondence, they took cats and dogs from shelters, while publicly demonstrating their hatred of animals.

Continuation : The Ministry of Internal Affairs has begun a check on the case of two zhivodvorok.

Kristina Konoplya (fictitious name) and Alina Orlova
Kristina Konoplya (fictitious name) and Alina Orlova

We are talking about two girls registered in VKontakte under the names Alina Orlova and Kristina Konoplya . According to the users of “Dvacha”, both study at the Pacific State University (TSU) in Khabarovsk.

On their pages girls publish pictures of animals – healthy, injured and killed. In some pictures you can see the insides of the animals, sometimes dead animals were crucified on the walls with the help of nails.

Alina Orlova
Alina Orlova

Publicly, the girls shared pictures of the alleged weapons they used to kill animals – knives and hammers. Some photos show a pneumatic gun similar to Baikal MR-53 M.

In other photographs, users of Dvacha identified one of the places where the girls were supposed to be able to engage in live life – the top floor of an abandoned crematorium in Khabarovsk.

On one of the photographs of Alina Orlova is presumably her father, whom the girl calls a colonel. According to some information found by users of “Dvacha”, he serves as deputy commander of the squadron at the central airfield “Terek” in Khabarovsk.

One of the users of “Dvacha”, apparently, had access to the account of one of the girls. This allowed him to discover the conspiracy in personal correspondence, where the girls shared ads.

In one of them the owner from “Avito” from Khabarovsk offered to give the poodle to “good hands”.

In another announcement, the shelter asked the well-wishers to pick up a cat, found at the river and fed after exhaustion in the wild.

Judging by the correspondence on “Dvache”, through “VKontakte” it was possible to find out the real name of Kristina Konopli and her mobile phone. The residents of Khabarovsk join the discussion: some suggest to apply to the law enforcement agencies, others – not to wait for the case and lynch in front of the couple at the building of the Tokug.

The reaction of Kristina Konopli to the harassment by users of “Dvacha” is unknown, Orlova reacted in her Twitter and VKontakte.

Later, the girl threatened to write to her users that they would complain to the law enforcement agencies.

Despite the girl’s excuses, one of the users conducted a detailed examination of her photos and found a matching of tattoos on the pictures where her face is, and where it is not visible.

According to the familiar girls, Christina has a dysfunctional family: allegedly her mother was deprived of parental rights for drunkenness, her father is not known, but she lives with her grandmother. The girl allegedly tried to commit suicide in 14 or 15 years, she had one drive to the police.

Some users have already complained about the girls to Ramzan Kadyrov: it is known that the head of Chechnya loves animals .

According to Article 245 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation , cruel treatment of animals, resulting in their death or injury and made of hooligan motives, is punishable by a fine of up to 80 thousand rubles, compulsory work lasting up to 360 hours, arrest for six months, or restriction of freedom for a year. The same crime, but made by a group of persons by prior conspiracy, implies a fine of 100 to 300 thousand rubles, compulsory work up to 480 hours, or imprisonment for up to two years.


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