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The trailer of the film “Alita: Battle Angel” was released about the eye-sighted cyborg

Studio 20th Century Fox has published a new trailer of the fantastic film directed by Robert Rodriguez “Alita: Battle Angel”. The premiere of the painting is scheduled for December 20. The story tells about the world of a distant future, inhabited by people and cyborgs. Dr. Ido finds a broken robot in the image of a girl with huge eyes.

Alita does not remember what happened to her, but it turns out that somewhere inside the mechanism there is a vulnerable but strong soul of a young woman with an unusual past. Ido tries to protect the girl from the aggressive world, but Alita turns out to be a prepared fighter.

The film starred Rosa Salazar, Ace Gonzalez, Jennifer Connelly, Christoph Waltz. The picture was based on the Japanese comic Gunnm Yukito Kishiro about the girl-cyborg.

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