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The revenue of the parent company Google was $ 32.7 billion

Holding Alphabet, which includes Google, reported on quarterly revenue of $ 32.7 billion, up 25.6% over the same period a year earlier. Operating income of the holding was $ 7.8 billion, but given the record fine imposed by the European Union, it was lower – $ 2.8 billion.

86% of the proceeds came from advertising (24% growth). According to Google CEO, the company will consider the possibility to increase the volume of advertising, in particular, it was about the service “Maps”.

“The rest of the business” includes “cloud” services, money from the sale of applications, the release of devices and so on. Its growth was 34% year on year.

Quarterly results of Alphabet surpassed analysts’ expectations, which led to an increase in prices for the shares of the holding.

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