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The owners of the Wyeps sued the manufacturer because of nicotine addiction

Several Americans sued the American company Juul Labs, accusing it of releasing waxy drugs that cause nicotine addiction. One of the plaintiffs is a worried mother, whose son, from the age of 15, used an electronic steam generator and now can not live without it. “He can not refuse from a paper, even despite the foreclosure in school,” the American says.

Those filing a lawsuit point to one of the components of liquids for wakes – the so-called saline nicotine. It can be found in ordinary cigarettes, and it is believed that this form of nicotine is more effectively absorbed by the body. Claimants believe that this component in Juul’s products is too much.

The same opinion is shared by the researchers, who conducted a comparative analysis of liquids for the wakes from different manufacturers. Moreover, Juul’s patent for liquids for electronic steam generators says the same thing.

Experts, however, are asked not to interpret raw data, as many parameters must be taken into account for the completeness of the picture.

Now the Americans want to sue Juul for untruth in advertising. The company, in turn, emphasizes: their products are aimed at adults who would like to give up conventional cigarettes.

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