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The New York Daily News newspaper fired half the editorial staff. Employees of the publication said goodbye to the readers with a meme

Investors decided to make the famous tabloid more modern. For the sake of this, they fired the entire SMM department and the chief editor who received Pulitzer.

Chicago Corporation Tronc, which owns the edition of the New York Daily News, announced a reduction of half of the tabloid editorial board. His posts were also lost by editor-in-chief Jim Rich and editorial director Kristen Lee, the New York Times reported .

“According to several members of the editorial staff, NY Daily News employees were summoned for a fly that lasted less than a minute. The management said waiting for emails about the reductions that were sent out before that ”
According to the Daily Beast, at least 25 employees of the sports department of the NY Daily News fell under the reduction. The reduction was reported and members of the tabloid team, dealing with social networks.

“Tronc completely fired the entire NY Daily News team that deals with social networks. Now no updates are sent for any of the stories ”

“I’ve been an officially established journalist for ten years and this is my first cut. It was a glorious hunt. I wish all my colleagues the best I can “

Shortly after the announcement of the dismissal of the SMM-team NYDN, on the twitter of the publication appeared gifka-mem with John Travolta in confusion

Updated at 22:15 : A tweet disappeared from the New York Daily News account, to which was attached a hypha with astonished Travolta.

According to the statement of Tronc, which the company’s representatives distributed via e-mail to the publication’s employees, the tabloid will focus on urgent news, primarily related to the themes of “crime, civil justice and public responsibility”.

Representatives of Tronc also promised that NYDN will become the leader in a series of transformations of its assets. In addition to the New York tabloid, the corporation also owns many well-known American local publications, including the Chicago Tribune, the Baltimore Sun and the Los Angeles Times.

Realizing this potential requires dedicating ourselves to a digital audience and focusing resources on content and approaches that our readers consider most relevant.

excerpt from the Tronc mailing list

NY Daily News staff, in a conversation with the Daily Beast, called the incident “the death of local journalism” and told that the cuts demoralized even those who had retained their seats: “[they] do not have the desire to be a part of what remains [from NYDN]”. They added that after the letters were sent to the editorial office, “grave silence” followed, and their colleagues cried and hugged a lot.

NYDN editor Jim Rich did not publicly comment on the dismissal of half of his team and himself. Instead, he changed his Twitter description to “just a guy who sits at home and watches how journalism is strangled to death”. And wrote one tweet.


“If you hate democracy and think that local authorities should act in the dark and without checking, today is a good day for you”

The New York Daily News was twice nominated for the Pulitzer Prize – for highlighting the health problems of eyewitnesses of the September 11 terrorist attack (2002) and for the material about the abuse of court decisions on eviction (2017). The second nomination brought the award to the tabloid, but her presentation was held against a backdrop of layoffs and a 22% drop in the newspaper’s revenue in 2014-2016.

NYDN is considered one of the key publications of New York, along with NYT and The New York Post. Earlier the publication was known for its screaming covers , deep work with sources and an office art-deco skyscraper on the 42nd East Street of New York, which its editorial office occupied until the mid-1990s (and served as a prototype for the Daily Planet building in comics about the Superman).

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