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Sources: Robert De Niro starring in the film about the Joker

Resource Variety, citing sources, reports that Robert De Niro will join the cast of the film about the villain Joker. This is a project that will be lifted by Todd Phillips, and the main role will be performed by Joaquin Phoenix.

The actor can be embodied in the host of the talk show, which will play some important role in the formation of the Joker as the most insane criminal. And the image of the hero De Niro will refer to the film “The King of Comedy” in 1982, where he was an unsuccessful comedian who decided on a crime against the TV star. It is assumed that now De Niro will be a victim of the Joker.

In addition to this film, another action film about the Joker is being prepared. There, the main role will be performed by Jared Leto, who has already tried on the image of a madman in the “Suicide squad”. He will also act as executive producer of the tape.

Now Robert De Niro is involved in the project of Martin Scorsese “Irishman”, where Al Pacino and Joe Pesci will also be photographed. The tape will tell you about the killer of gangsters. The release is expected in 2019.

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