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Olympic swimming champion Ryan Lochte was suspended for 14 months after the photograph with doping

The American cooperated with the investigation, but it did not help.

Ryan Lochte. Getty Images
Ryan Lochte. Getty Images

The US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) disqualified six-time Olympic swimming champion Ryan Lochte for 14 months due to doping violations. The athlete promoted the investigation and fully admitted the blame.

On May 24, Lokhte posted a photo in social networks, on which a certain drug is poured into his vein. USADA became interested in the snapshot and arranged an investigation. It showed that the athlete received an infusion in one of the private clinics.

Although the substance was officially authorized, the rules prohibit taking intravenously more than 100 milliliters of any drug within 12 hours. An exception may be a specially issued permit for therapeutic use, but Lochte did not have one.

The disqualification of Lochte has already begun and will end on July 24, 2019. As noted , this way the swimmer will miss World Cup-2019, which will be held from 12 to 28 July. Lokhte by the age of 33 won six times at the Olympics and 18 times became the world champion.

This is not the first swimmer’s punishment: in 2016 he was disqualified for 10 months for a false report of a robbery in Rio de Janeiro. Then it turned out that Lochte arranged a rowdy at the gas station with his teammates. In June, the Brazilian prosecutor’s office resumed this case, as the court decided that the crime was not completely solved.

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