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Microsoft makes a budget Xbox for broadcasting games on screens from the “cloud”

On the past E3 it became known that Microsoft is building a “cloud” gaming system. Today, insiders report that it will have two new Xboxes under the code names Scarlett and Scarlett Cloud. The first will be a traditional console at the usual price, while the second will be a budget device with the ability to stream games from the game “cloud” to Microsoft’s custom screens.

It is reported that both new items will go on sale already in 2020. Scarlett Cloud will be able to run some games locally, while for others it will require an Internet connection, a stable and fast connection to Microsoft servers. They will receive an in-game picture and sound, while all calculations will be done on the server side.

It should be recalled that over the past decade, not one company has tried to build a successful business, allowing players to run games on remote servers with top-end hardware. Onlive sold all of its patents to Sony and closed in 2015. Gaikai was bought by Sony and transformed into Playstation Now. Playkey is not widely used. GeForce Now since January this year is in the beta test.

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