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“Kuku yopta”: the first programming language for “gopnik and real boys” was created

The students of St. Petersburg College created YoptaScript – the first language for “gopnik and real boys”, supposedly in order to give them the opportunity to socialize and program in the usual language.

According to GitHub, where the source code of the project is published , YoptaScript is a scripting language that is translated by a special library in JavaScript. The general principle of the language is based on the modified units of the Javascript language on the dialect of “normal boys”, so YoptaScript has a lot of foul language. Concrete words were found by the authors in the course of observations of the relevant individuals and took from the dictionary a short thuggery jargon.

The news about the appearance of the project began to gain a wide resonance in the network after publication on the page of the IT community / dev / null in Vkontakte. From there, apparently, it received its widest distribution, gaining about 300 reposts. Some programmers have jokingly compared the language with 1C because of its features (all instructions are written in Cyrillic).

Initially, information about the new language appeared on the network on the evening of December 5 on the page of one of the creators of the language – Semen Gozman. After that the recording was reposted by about 20 people and it began to spread on the principle of “word of mouth”.

The first entry about YoptaScript
The first entry about YoptaScript

According to the creators of the language, by December 9, the site of the project was visited by 120,000 unique users.

managed to contact Semen Gozman and learn the history of YoptaScript, the main problems in the development and the further plans of the project creators. Semyon said that the idea of ​​creating a language came to him and his classmates while studying at the last year of the College of Information Technology because of the large percentage of “chotky boys” among students.

A fairly large percentage of local students are “chotky boys”, as they call themselves. Well, of course there are gopnichki, where do without them. This is due primarily to the fact that the college is territorially close to Kupchino.

Semyon Gozman, one of the creators of YoptaScript
Developers YoptaScript. Mikhail Belozersky (left), Semyon Gozman (center), Georgy Mkhitaryan (right)
Developers YoptaScript. Mikhail Belozersky (left), Semyon Gozman (center), Georgy Mkhitaryan (right)

The developer notes that the last course of training most college students did not have programming skills in at least one language, and first and foremost the creators of YoptaScript wanted to help them with writing a diploma in their last year.

The last course – all it’s time to write diplomas (and we programmers in fact). There are very few scribbles, mostly everything is either too “chotky”, or just a bolt.

So we wanted to help with writing a diploma for those who can not, because they have not learned any programming languages ​​for the entire training period.

Semyon Gozman, one of the creators of YoptaScript

Semyon also said that the biggest problem for the team was the expansion of the vocabulary of the language due to the fact that most of the creators did not communicate in such a dialect in ordinary life.

The main difficulties that have arisen – is to inflate the vocabulary of our “love-tree-eater” to 600+ expressions. On this, we broke our heads for two weeks, since all this stupidity had to be made a little more logical.

It was really horrible, because none of our team was digesting such strong expressions in the ubiquitous use.

Semyon Gozman, one of the creators of YoptaScript

According to the author’s story, the project is not an attempt to offend or joke over any segments of the population and has purely educational goals, and plans include an expansion of the “dictionary” and work on improving the translation engine in Javascript.

From the outset, the language did not and does not have any purpose to offend someone, or to humiliate certain segments of the population. We just wanted to make programming more accessible to such people, and also help them to socialize. But of course, we all the team laughed in the voice every time we got good joint designs. The basic structure of the team at the start was three people, now, due to the raised haypas, we were seven, and the work continues to boil, the language is not going to suspend its development.

Semyon Gozman, one of the creators of YoptaScript

Also, the author notes that when creating YoptaScript developers adhere to a certain logic.

We tried to adhere to at least some logic. For example, in methods, “create” in us is designated as “namutit,” or, for example, “document” -> ksiva, “event” -> shnyaga and so on. Therefore, for example createEvent () – namutitSnyago () in yopte, but the community actively offers its edits to the language and we try to take them all into account.

Semyon Gozman, one of the creators of YoptaScript

In 2014, the Finnish programmer Lauri Hartikka (Lauri Hartikka) published a description and compiler of the ArnoldC programming language on Github . As commands in ArnoldC are used quotes of the heroes of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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