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“I robbed Ryan Lochte”: the champion of Rio became the object of jokes on the Net after a lie about armed robbery

The Brazilian police denied the statement of Olympic champion Ryan Lochte about armed robbery, in proof of presenting the video from the refueling station where it allegedly occurred. From the injured athlete quickly turned into an object of criticism and ridicule in social networks. Oldfag TV figured out the story.

Ryan Lochte
Ryan Lochte

On August 14, American swimmer Ryan Lochte, who won the gold medal in the 4x200m relay race at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, was robbed in a taxi at a petrol station, along with three other athletes. This was reported by The Washington Post referring to the statement of the familiar athlete and his mother.

It was alleged that when the athletes returned by taxi from the location of the French team (Club France), where the friend’s birthday was celebrated, to the Olympic Village, unknown people came to the petrol station and, showing police tokens, took money and valuables. At the same time, one of the robbers allegedly put a gun against Lochte’s head. The incident was widely publicized in the media, becoming one of the most discussed events of the 2016 Olympics, already criticized for the extremely criminogenic situation in Rio de Janeiro.

However, the continuation of the story was unexpected: according to the results of the investigation of the Brazilian police, the incident with the robbery was completely invented by the athlete. As evidence, the police published several video recordings from various surveillance cameras, including the same gas station where a robbery allegedly occurred.

As follows from the video, Ryan Lochte, his teammates Jack Conger, Gunnar Bentz and Jimmy Feigen not only were not robbed – on the contrary, they themselves smashed the toilet at the gas station, breaking the door , a dispenser for soap and breaking a mirror. As a result, local guards had to put weapons on them to make them calm down and compensate for the damage.

In addition, at the Today TV show Lochte later, describing himself as a victim, claimed to have experienced very severe stress, which he explained all the inconsistencies in his story. However, videotapes show that upon returning to the Olympic Village, all the participants in the story were in high spirits and joking with each other.

When the fraud on the part of the 12-fold Olympic champion was revealed, a storm of criticism and ridicule in social networks came upon him. To express dissatisfaction with the behavior of the athlete on Twitter, in particular, the hashtags #LochteGate(reference to the Watergate scandal ) and # LochMess (reference to the myth of the Loch Ness monster ) were introduced .

To the persecution of Lokhta, the stars of cinema and television screens joined in. In particular, the actor of the popular TV series “Silicon Valley” Kumail Nanjiani (Kumail Nanjiani) said that the history of the athlete is a typical example of “inviolability of white people” and a stereotype of “nasty Americans.”

(Gabby Douglas did not put her hand on her chest during the performance of the anthem) – “Horror! She should have smiled! “. (Lokhte destroys property and lies about robbery) – “What do you want, these are boys”.

American actor and comedian Seth Meyers, known for the show Saturday Night Live, published a fragment of the recording of the show in 2012, where Lochte portrays another comedian – Seth MacFarlane.

Seth Meyers


Starting to think @SethMacFarlane played Lochte too smart in 2012 

Watch Saturday Night Live Highlight: Weekend Update: Ryan Lochte –

Watch Saturday Night Live highlight ‘Weekend Update: Ryan Lochte’ on

“It seems that Seth MacFarlane played too finely Lochte in 2012”.

Acting Lochte was appreciated, among other things, by the actor and filmmaker Albert Brooks (“Drive”, “Defender”, “Little Prince”).

Albert Brooks


Ryan Lochte’s lie was just given a 6.3

“Ryan Lochte’s lies were rated at 6.3 points”

Actor Raine Wilson (TV series “Office” and “Backstrom”, films “Juneau” and “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”) confessed to committing a crime.



Confession: I robbed Ryan Lochte. I used my Lackawanna County Sheriff’s badge a squirt gun & a bad Brazilian accent. Sorry.

“I admit that I robbed Ryan Lochte. I used my Lacavanna County sheriff badge, a water pistol and a bad Brazilian accent. Sorry.”

Not lagged behind and other users, quickly making the athlete the goal of various memes.

“When he invented a story about a robbery at gunpoint and left his friends in Brazil to deal with her”

“Live shooting of Ryan Lochte leaving Rio”

“Ryan and his PR people are trying to fix it all”

Matt Lauer: “Ryan, something in your story about the robbery does not converge” Ryan Lochte:

Both the athlete himself and his lawyer, Jeff Ostrow, who originally supported Lochte’s version of the robbery, are now unavailable for media comments. Whether the Brazilian police will bring charges against Lokhta in a knowingly false report about the crime and damage to tangible property remains unclear for the time being.

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