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“You need to connect the adapter”: Samsung continued to ridicule the technological solutions of the iPhone

In three commercials, the company joked over the lack of a headphone jack and fast charging, as well as over a competitor’s camera.

Samsung has released three more commercials for the Ingenius campaign. Her heroes were customers of the Apple Store and consultants salon.

The first video jokes about the lack of a headphone jack on the iPhone X and the need to use an optional adapter with the device if its owner uses 3.5mm headphones.

The second video ridicules the lack of fast charging complete with the latest iPhone. Instead, the consultant offers to buy another USB cable and a special adapter with support for fast charging. At the end of the advertisement, it is emphasized that with the Galaxy S9, fast charging is included.

The third video tells that the Galaxy S9 camera received a higher rating in the DxOMark rating. The consultant offers the buyer to trust the heart, not numbers.

Earlier, the company released advertising, which compared the speed of data downloading from the iPhone X and Galaxy S9, and also made fun of the Apple Store employees for their inability to answer questions.

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