Why MacBook Pro is still the best laptop

The last unsuccessful update of the MacBook Pro line, which happened, in fact, as early as 2016, makes us wonder whether the laptops from the Cupertino company are the best in the market, as it was for many years. Or is it time to look for an alternative ?

Indeed, at a time when the quality of the MacBooks is falling, competitors are presenting more and more interesting solutions, both in terms of productivity and autonomy, and in compactness and design. In disputes about what is better, and whether Windows replaces macOS itself, many copies are broken.

But today I want to give one reason, one advantage of Apple laptops, which the competitors do not notice at all, and thanks to which they still remain the best.


Apple always cared about the quality of the image

The quality of the image has always been for Apple in the priority, because this is an essential part of the user experience. In previous years, it happened when the company gave priority to black and white monitors with their amazing for those times clarity, while competitors rushed to switch to colored, but fuzzy tubes.

In 2010, Apple first put Retina, – a screen of unprecedented authorization , first in the iPhone, and in 2012 – in notebooks MacBook Pro.

But today high resolution is no surprise, and expensive laptops can boast even more density of pixels. Brightness and juiciness of colors are given out by modern IPS-matrices established everywhere. So what’s the advantage of the MacBook screens?


The ideal aspect ratio for the MacBook

Whenever I look at another collection of “McBook killers”, I do not leave a strange feeling: like everything is good in them, but why do they look so pathetic? The screen is to blame.

By the end of the 2000s, the world switched to HD-format video content and PC makers, including mobile PCs, quickly adapted their devices to modern trends. Screens from high, almost square, have become wide, and specifically – have received a new aspect ratio of 16: 9.

This form made perfect viewing of HD-video, although the convenience of viewing web pages and documents could suffer.

Meanwhile, Apple did not mindlessly chasing fashion. Laptops of the company, since those years, have received screens with a 16:10 aspect ratio .

At first glance, such a correlation is a certain consensus between the new 16: 9 and the old 3: 4/4: 5, and in essence it does not have any principal advantages.

Vkusovshchina and no more. But in fact, 16:10 is something more …

Apple designers are taught the most important design principles

The golden section is known to mankind for more than four thousand years. It is everywhere found in nature and in the natural sciences.

In the art it was used also by antique artists, sculptors and architects, every modern designer must know about it. The compositions created on this principle look natural and harmonious, their proportions are beautiful and, as if, prompted by nature itself.

So, the ratio of two quantities as 1: ~ 1.6   is the same golden section, and it exactly coincides with the screen aspect ratio of any MacBook – 16:10, and that’s why any MacBook looks so good.

And for the same reason, its competitors look so bad .

It does not matter which bright and clear matrices are installed, no matter what expensive materials are used.

Because of the banal ignorance of the basics of design and the lack of the slightest taste, all the grieving MacBook killers have remained unattractive-looking handicrafts for a year already, capable of attracting only a few geeks with their passport “core-Hertzes”.

Especially I am “killed” frameless Windows-laptops, which because of the discrepancy between the proportions of the cover and the matrix under the screen there is a huge amount of unused space. It’s just marasmus!

Uncompromising ideal

Apple’s decision to use screens 16:10 is winning from all sides. The laptop looks great, and its screen is equally convenient for viewing video, and for browsing the Internet. The golden mean in all senses.

This is something for which we love the company’s products so much. This is an understanding of simple things that other manufacturers probably will never reach. So only the MacBook, the rest – pass by!

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