Why iPhone does not offer to share a password from Wi-Fi

I saw that iOS has the ability to share a password from Wi-Fi with friends, but I do not understand exactly how the chip works. 
– Svyatoslav

Hello, Svyatoslav.

To trigger a chip, you must meet the following conditions:

First, both gadgets must work under iOS 11 and above. On older versions of the firmware the chip is not available.

Secondly, both devices must use different Apple ID accounts. If there is one account, the password will be transmitted through a bunch of keys.

Thirdly, at the time of connection on both devices Bluetooth must be activated.

Fourth, you need to unlock both gadgets and place them next.

Fifth, on the device that you want to connect to Wi-Fi you need to go to Settings – Wi-Fi and initiate a connection to the network to open the window with the password.

Only in this case, on the already connected device will appear the treasured window with the possibility to share the password from Wi-Fi.

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