Turn off the synchronization of call history between iPhones

Faced the problem of displaying my calls from my wife, and my wife’s calls to my iPhone. All under the same ID, Family access. I can not figure out how to turn off sync. 
– Raphael

Hello, Rafael.

To begin with it is necessary to understand with Family access. This chip is just designed to not use one Apple ID on different devices, but instead it’s easy to share purchases and pay for the content of family members.

1. Go to Settings – Apple ID – Set up family access .

2. Select Start Work and specify the method of payment for purchases.

3. Now in the Family Members section, you can add up to six Apple ID accounts.

Of course, the wife, children and other users will have to create a new Apple ID. So no information about calls, contacts and other data will not migrate between devices.

If you decide to stay with one Apple ID

You can not configure family access and just turn off syncing between devices.

1. Go to Settings – Phone – Calls on other devices and turn off Allow calls .

2. After that, open the Apple ID – iCloud section and disable iCloud Drive .

With the switch on, applications on the iPhone can synchronize data on different devices through the cloud. For third-party applications, you can turn off synchronization in settings, and standard ones will always sync when iCloud Drive is enabled.

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