The start of work on the “Union-5.” What is known about the project from Rogozin?

The other day the head of state corporation Roskosmos Dmitry Rogozin announced the launch of a project to create a medium-sized carrier rocket Soyuz-5. The company Energia, Progress and Energomash will work on the rocket, and its value is estimated at 61 billion Russian rubles (about $ 960 million).

The first flight tests of the missile should take place in 2022. It is assumed that at the same time it will put into orbit the manned spacecraft Federation, the work on the preliminary design of which began in 2009. By now, aerodynamic tests of ship models are underway. In addition, the ship will have one of three prototypes of the robot “Fedor”. Samples before the flight will be tested, the best will be selected. He will be the only passenger of the ship.

For the first stage of the Soyuz-5 of deep modernization, RD-171 engines will be exposed, which will acquire new unique characteristics. “We call it a” king-engine “”, – quotes “RIA Novosti” Rogozin. The first tests of RD-171MV will be held in 2019.

Under the rocket, it is necessary to modernize the Baikonur cosmodrome , to restore a mobile farm for landing astronauts. For decades of downtime, it has become unusable: you need to replace the chassis and build 300 meters of a special railway. In addition, it is necessary to work on the rescue crew rescue system for situations when the rocket has not yet taken off. It is expected that the launch will take place from the launch complex, from which the Zenit rockets flew. Some experts in the industry believe that the enterprises involved in the project do not have much time for all this until 2022.

The head of Roskosmos believes that with the help of Soyuz-5 Russia will be able to conquer the market of commercial launches, and the missile will compete on an equal footing with the leading manufacturers in this industry.

The results obtained in the future are planned to be used to create a super-heavy-class launch vehicle. Under it, a separate starter table will be built at the Vostochny cosmodrome. Superjet with engines on liquefied gas and hydrogen should start in 2027. It can be useful for promising missions to the Moon or Mars.

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