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The blogger took an hour and a half to go through the five parts of Fallout

Fallout – a series of atmospheric and unhurried. Usually gamers spend in each part of dozens of hours, just studying the Heath. The blogger with YouTube has a different entertainment: he decided to set a record for passing all the main parts of the series – from the first to the fourth, as well as New Vegas. And he managed in less than two hours.

In total, the blogger spent 1 hour 29 minutes and 47 seconds on the passage of five games – this is if you remove the download time. According to the resource , the blogger set a speed record for the passage of the main parts of Fallout.

There are several types of spidranes, and the user chose the simplest: according to the rules it was allowed to use any bugs that can speed up the passage, in addition, the initial level of complexity was chosen.

Attention: in the video there is obscene lexicon.

The blogger answered popular questions from the audience, and interesting details about Fallout were revealed. For example, the dialogue at the beginning of New Vegas with the Italian voice acting goes a little faster than in English. So the user accelerated the passage for four seconds. At the same time, Fallout 4 was 11 seconds faster with the spidran in French.

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