Sony announced the world’s first 48-megapixel sensor for smartphone cameras

The new chip will be released in 2019 and should lead to an improvement in the quality of photos on smartphones.

Photos of Sony

Sony has announced the release of the IMX586, the first 48 megapixel sensor for smartphone cameras. The company believes that the chip is ahead of the flagship high-end cameras, for example, Sony Alpha A7R III for 299 thousand rubles.

According to the statement on the Sony website, the IMX586 has “the highest number of pixels in the industry” and is thus placed in the size of an 8-millimeter chip. According to the characteristics of the chip bypasses even considered one of the best in the market Google Pixel 2 XL.

Usually when using a matrix with such a high resolution in a mobile camera, photosensitivity deteriorates. However, the company solved this problem with the help of a special technology Quad Bayer, which increases the amount of light in pixels and combines four pixels into one. In low light conditions, the sensor lowers the resolution to 12 megapixels, but the images are “bright and noisy”.

As noted by the publication Engadget, the principle of technology Quad Bayer sounds very similar to the development of Huawei called Pixel Fusion. It also increases the amount of light in pixels in the smartphone Huawei P20 Pro.

Also Sony talked about the processing technology, which allows you to achieve high dynamic range (HDR) and image output speed. This will allow you to record 4K-video in 90 frames per second or FullHD in 240 frames per second.

Sony will start releasing IMX586 in September 2018, but initially it will traditionally “hold” them for its own smartphones. Other chip makers will start selling in 2019 at a price of $ 27 (1,700 rubles).

In 2012, Nokia has already released a smartphone with a similar sensor for 40 megapixels. However, the chip was quite large and so the camera protruded from the body of the model 808 PureView. As noted by The Verge, Sony’s solution will be much more popular among mass producers, as the IMX586 sensor retained its compact size.

Sony’s sensor division is the largest player on the market. Sony sensors are also usedin iPhones.

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